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Free School Meals for KS1 Half a Term Later

by anonymous | Oct 15, 2014 | Blog, Education

Are you one of the many schools who decided to use a hub kitchen or private contractor to provide meals for your KS1 pupils? Now that we are almost at the end of the first half term of the Government initiative, are you finding the process of externally sourcing meals frustrating? There seem to be a number of pitfalls coming to light as time passes.

Perhaps the logistics are proving to be frustrating, as orders get mixed up or deliveries delayed? Maybe you are finding it tricky keeping meals warm during busy, staggered lunch times and then quickly cleaning and stowing away all the dining paraphernalia in order to free up the dining space for curricular activities in the afternoon? Or are you finding that portion sizes are simply inadequate, or that the quality and nutritional content are not as you envisaged? Are large quantities of food being rejected by the children and proving very popular with your local population of vermin?

If your answer to any, or all, of the above questions is yes, you may now be thinking about an alternative means of providing meals, perhaps putting in some kitchen equipment or dedicated dining facilities of your own. Our modular school buildings can provide you with a surprisingly inexpensive and fast solution, whilst our complete turnkey service will minimise the time you need to devote to managing the project. We can create a fully equipped kitchen, or a flexible dining area that can be transformed into extra classroom space when not in use for eating. All of our buildings are light and airy, with full length windows and bi-folding doors (making alfresco dining possible in all but the most inclement of weathers) and are easily extendable, should more funds become available or the scheme extended to older year groups.

The school gets full control over menu planning, quality and portion size and the children get a meal that genuinely improves their health and ability to learn. You will also have the flexibility to perhaps extend your reach to those pupils whose families are struggling to make ends meet, using your new facilities for a breakfast club. Or, with some good design and use of our highly flexible interior management options, create a multi-purpose space for use when lunch is done.

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