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Canopies: outdoor learning for all seasons

by anonymous | Apr 8, 2013 | Blog, Education

Come rain or shine teachers are trying to find new ways to provide outdoor learning for their pupils. No matter what shape or size your school grounds are, a canopy can bring children closer to nature and enhance their learning experience.

Canopies are a simple and multi-purpose way to provide outdoor learning and play in schools that do not require a fully functional classroom. Designed to blend with their natural surroundings, they are an outdoor retreat that can help bridge the gap between the classroom and the playground.

Not sure if an eco-canopy is right for your school? We’ve listed some of the great benefits that they can provide.

  • Inspiration. Working in a different environment has been proven to benefit children of all ages. Canopies can provide schools with a sheltered space to deliver a new outdoor learning experience across the curriculum. Working in a space that is built with natural materials, particularly when used to deliver Environmental Citizenship lessons, will enhance the learning experience and encourage pupils to consider and care for their environment.
  • Creativity. A new learning environment helps increase creativity and an outdoor canopy encourages pupils to seek inspiration from the natural environment. Their heightened motivation and imaginations will travel with them back into the classroom.
  • Practicality. There are many schools that want to provide their pupils with a natural setting for outdoor learning but are concerned that they do not have the space available. A canopy or shelter requires minimal space and can be designed and planned to fit within the school grounds perfectly.
  • Sustainability. An eco-canopy from The Learning Escape is designed with the environment in mind. We pride ourselves in researching the latest technologies and methods to ensure we are having as little impact on the local environment as possible.

One school that has greatly benefited from a new canopy is Whitchurch CE Primary in Symonds Yat. Initially designed to keep parents out of the rain, the canopy is now used to take a range of activities outdoors in all weathers. The canopy provides them with a space to teach Environmental Citizenship lessons and allows their pupils to interact with nature first-hand. It has inspired the children in their learning and has contributed towards their Eco School and Forest School statuses.

Canopies have helped many schools get closer to nature and provided their pupils with a unique learning experience within the school grounds. Bespoke design and eco-friendly materials can ensure your school has an outdoor shelter to last.


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