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Bespoke Design, Modular Approach

by Rob Powell | Apr 28, 2015 | Blog, Education

Our bespoke Learning Escape school buildings are built to last for 50 years or more and are designed by our Architects to meet or exceed the same building codes and standards as conventional, site built structures. Whilst every building is different and tailored to the specific needs of your school, we use a modular approach to our construction process. Apart from the fact that our eco-classrooms are inherently sustainable and energy efficient and usually less expensive than a traditional extension of a school’s premises, there are a number of significant benefits accruing to this modular approach.

Accelerated Construction Process

While the modules are being assembled elsewhere, site work such as foundation preparation and amenity connection can occur simultaneously. This not only contributes to a shorter overall construction period, but also reduces labour and supervision costs.

Bespoke Build

Modular units can be designed to complement the external aesthetics of existing buildings (where desirable) and to fit in with the natural surroundings in which it is to be located. All interiors can be finished to suit all unique, individual needs and requirements.

Less Waste

Our modular construction methods allow us to optimise both the purchase and usage of construction materials, reducing the detritus of packaging materials such as pallets, cardboard and shrink wrap both on and off site. All materials are delivered to our warehousing and manufacturing facilities, where they are stored in a protected environment safe from theft and potentially damaging exposure to the elements.

Reduced Disruption

As much of the construction process occurs off site, there is a marked reduction in the amount of people and equipment needed on location, making the on-site process quicker, quieter, safer and generally less disruptive than a conventional build.

Greater Flexibility

As time passes and the needs of the school change, modular buildings are easily extended or refurbished to suit a different use.

Improved Air Quality

Many of the indoor air quality issues associated with new buildings result from a high moisture content in the framing materials. Our modular structures are substantially completed in our warehouse, which is essentially a factory controlled environment, using dry materials which eliminates the potential for moisture to become trapped in the fabric of the building.

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