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5 ways to build a clutter-free office environment

by anonymous | May 29, 2012 | Blog, Commercial

It’s not just homeowners that are having trouble finding space, some offices across the country are becoming cramped and desks are becoming overcrowded.

Finding an efficient way to store office essentials and creating a productive environment for workers is becoming an increasingly difficult balance. Rather than keep moving up into the sky and making rooms smaller, offices should start to consider how they can make the most of their outdoor space.

An inspiring office environment is essential for motivated and productive working. Making space for thinking, working, meeting and relaxing helps boost office morale and encourage harder workers. A Commercial Escape is a way to create a clutter-free environment that frees up room for storage elsewhere in your office building

Top 5 ways a Commercial Escape could help you make extra space:

  1. Office rooms. Only keep the essentials with your desks, ensure every worker has a clean, clutter-free area they can call their own.
  2. Meeting room. Impress potential clients with a meeting room in an interesting and innovative environment away from the hustle and bustle of the main office.
  3. Breakout space. Use a Commercial Escape as a place for relaxing. Escape the busy office for a natural environment that is dedicated to refreshing and relaxing minds.
  4. Creative space. Creative minds need creative inspiration. A Commercial Escape is stylish and naturally beautiful, drawing nature as an influence and providing a vibrant and creative space to work.
  5. Extendable. All of our buildings are extendable so your outdoor office space can grow as your business does.

See how a Commercial Escape has helped create spaces>

If an inspiring garden office is what you are looking for then you can see examples of spaces The Garden Escape have created in homes here>

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