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7 May 2013

The Summer of Gardens: What will you make?

If your summer holidays are approaching and your garden is feeling a little bare, it could be time to start thinking about what outdoor projects you’ve got planned for the longer days.

23 Apr 2013

Save money and the environment with an eco-friendly build

The last few months have given us one of the coldest winters in decades and as the temperatures plummeted, many homeowners were seeing their energy bills move just as fast in the other direction. Cold weather is expensive and keeping yourself warm when your home isn’t energy efficient costs a small fortune.

10 Mar 2013

The granny annexe: caring for relatives closer to home

We all need a little help sometimes and caring for elderly relatives is something that many people wish they could do a little closer to home. By 2029 it is predicted that nearly 40% of the UK’s population will be over 50 and whilst the majority of the older generation will be independent, there are many who require care. Becoming a carer for a close relative is often more beneficial than finding someone else to be on hand. Often one of the main problems is finding the space to give all your loved ones room of their own. Tucked away at the bo...

5 Mar 2013

Bring work closer to home with a garden office

New figures from the Office for National Statistics have recently revealed that there has been an increase in the number of people working from home. Over the last decade a growing percentage of employees have chosen to ditch the commute and bring their working life closer to home.

19 Feb 2013

Skip the excuses and make 2013 the year you keep your resolutions

Last year the most commonly broken New Years Resolution was to ‘become physically fit’, in third and fourth place were to ‘improve health’ and to ‘lose weight’. Alas, just one month down the line 36% of people admitted that their resolutions had sizzled out and after 6 months only 46% of resolutions were still going strong. So with keeping fit being the top resolution for 2013, how are you making sure you’ll beat the half way point...