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4 Oct 2013

Growing Room

After eighteen years of washing, cooking and cleaning for them, this may have been the autumn your children embarked on the next stage of their lives and, after cramming their bedroom into a car boot, headed off to Uni. So now you’ve been left with a full fridge and an empty room, have you had any ideas for how to use the extra space?

1 Sep 2013

Swap the stresses of the workplace for the comfort of home

Wouldn’t it be great if the summer, and the lie-ins, never had to end? While we can’t rely on the British sunshine lasting until Christmas, the return of the colder months doesn’t have to bring your 9-5 routine along with it. So if you’ve been dreaming of the benefits of an extra half an hour in bed since your alarm went off this morning, why not join the 17% ...

14 Aug 2013

Gardening is good for you!

Whether you’re feeling tired, bored or a little down, spending time in your garden – working or relaxing – can instantly lift your spirits. And now, thanks to a recent survey conducted by Gardener’s World, we can officially confirm that being in your garden is good for your physical, and mental, health!

7 Aug 2013

It's not too late to start your summer garden project

We all start summer with an ambitious list of projects, plans and ideas for our gardens – however after July’s unexpected, but very welcome, heatwave you’d be forgiven for entering August without having transformed your outdoor space. Luckily, despite the dubious weather reports, summer hasn’t yet finished and there’s still time to create a Garden Escape you can enjoy all year long.

12 Jul 2013

Guest Blog: Planting to Enhance your Garden Buildings

One of the joys of employing professionals to design, plan and build your outdoor structure is that they will position it sensitively within your garden space. But what happens next? You can easily enhance your outdoor building by bringing the garden even closer. Here are some practical tips on how to achieve the wow factor without too much maintenance.