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14 Nov 2013

Make your workspace work for you

Garden room studio by The Garden Escape

A garden studio is the perfect solution to avoiding winter commutes and chills, but it doesn’t have to be exclusively used as a working environment. Your bespoke garden room can accommodate work and relaxation, to provide a space that adapts to your needs. So whether you’re an accountant who loves to paint, or a painter who needs space for their accounts a multi-purpose garden room can offer the perfect multi-purpose Escape.

7 Nov 2013

Escape this Winter

Garden Room by The Garden Escape

The family gatherings, office parties and shopping of the winter season can contribute to heightened stress and anxiety levels in all of us at one time or another. It’s been proven that spending time in a natural environment can help relieve stress and improve positivity, however this can seem a less appealing option when the skies above your garden are grey and murky. A multi-purpose garden studio offers a cosy shelter where you can enjoy the beauty of your natural surroundings all year long.


31 Oct 2013

No more excuses when the gym is on your doorstep!

Garden Gym by The Garden Escape

We all know the feeling. You’re tired after a long day’s work, cold after struggling home in the dark and all you are craving is a hot drink and a night curled up on the sofa. But Christmas is approaching, with its glittering parties, little black dresses and extravagant meals and despite your wish to stay in your cosy home, you force yourself to bundle up, drive to the gym and wait for your favourite machine to become available. Wouldn’t it be easier if instead you could step out of your back door and enter a luxury workout space with no queues or fees… ?

21 Oct 2013

The Granny Annexe isn’t a 1970s relic…

Granny Annexe by The Garden Escape

Since 2011 prices of care homes have risen dramatically and now cost on average double the income of the average pensioner, forcing the UK’s elderly to drastic financial measures. Over the past five years more than 1 million homes have been sold to fund the ever-increasing prices of care homes for the elderly, with a quarter of all residents forced to sell their property to affo...

18 Oct 2013

How to protect your garden during the winter months

Winter Berries: photo credit: <a href="

This is a guest article written by Fiona Kirkcaldy from eDecks

Have you spent all summer carefully nurturing your garden? Don’t let your hard work go to waste when winter strikes! With a little preparation you can protect your garden when the frost hits to ensure that you’ll have beautiful blooms in the summer. The best time to start the preparations is during the autumn before the ground freezes over. To help you to keep your garden safe this winter, follow our practical tips for preparing your garden for the frost: