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17 Jan 2014

How to Make the Most of your Garden in All Weathers

Guest article from Mark Enright of

In summer, making the most of your garden is easy. Besides just doing work such as planting, mowing and weeding; there are plenty of fun activities you can use your garden for. Here are just a few of them: 

13 Jan 2014

Be inspired by an inspiring space

Where do you go for inspiration?  Maybe to a favourite place, somewhere you can escape the chaos of everyday life and relax and concentrate on your artist project or hobby. But what if this haven of creativity was no further away than the bottom of your garden…

31 Dec 2013

New Year, new garden gym?

New Year….Oh Dear?

Oh dear! I’ve done it again. A few too many roast potatoes; just one more chocolate (and then another) and definitely more than one more glass of wine. Ooh yes, don’t forget all the delicious cheese. Still, at least there were nice walks. Well, only one good walk if I’m to be totally honest….the weather has been so unkind to my waistline. And now it is that time of the year- the time for reflection and navel gazing (what of it I can bare/ am able to gaze at)....

17 Dec 2013

Is There An Elephant In Your Home Office Room?

It is becoming increasingly common for professionals to seek a better work-life balance. As technological advancements make it easier for more companies to adopt flexible policies that accommodate the shifting priorities of their employees, working from home is becoming ever more viable.

3 Dec 2013

An early Christmas present for your kids

Rooms have been tidied, lists made and fridges filled to bursting. The countdown has officially begun…to the kids coming home for the holidays!

It’s always great to have the family together, but after time living apart having everybody under one roof again can cause tension and overcrowding – especially over the Christmas period.