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28 Feb 2014

Are You Suffering From HTSD (Half Term Stress Disorder)?

Garden Room by The Garden Escape

We really look forward to the school holidays: a chance to wind down and reconnect with the kids, for us to enjoy being together without the pressures of the daily routine. And, last week, we did….really we did. 

13 Feb 2014

Keeping romance alive even with teenage offspring

Relaxation room

Valentines day makes you think.

Remember the days when the feet of your little ones went pitter-pat, often at 5am, and exhaustion dulled your libidinous tendencies into submission? How you looked forward to the teenage years, long lazy lie-ins and a reconnection in the bedroom department? 

7 Feb 2014

Energy Efficient Buildings

Seedum roof by The Garden Escape

I think most of us are resigned to the notion that our energy bills are only going in one direction. And maybe you are reading this because you would dearly love to build a room in your garden (whether it be as an office, a gym or purely for pleasure) but are holding back because of concerns about how much it is going to cost you to heat and light it in all but the loveliest of weather. Perhaps we, at The Garden Escape, can reassure you.

31 Jan 2014

Commuting makes us out of control and out of sorts

Garden Office by The Garden Escape

Anyone who commutes knows well the sinking feeling that settles upon them when the traffic, train, tube or bus grinds to a halt. As time stretches out, the sense of unease grows. 

24 Jan 2014

Rain and Rain and Rain; but spring is around the corner

Garden Office by The Garden Escape

Is it just me or do you also feel like the sky has been an endless rainy grey since November and that birdsong is a distant memory. The notion of venturing out holds little more promise than cracked lips and knuckles or a thorough drenching.