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2 Apr 2014

Create a device free zone with a garden room

Relaxation room by The Garden Escape

Just 20 years after the internet was founded, it has insinuated itself into the everyday lives of us all and we are only just starting to fathom how the explosion in digital connectivity is shaping society. Perhaps more importantly, there is a general and growing sense of unease surrounding the impact of technological overload on our children.

28 Mar 2014

Sunny Days Are Here Again


Spring has arrived and the sun is shining more days than not, providing the opportunity (and oomph) to get out in your garden and get ready for the summer. It’s time to plant your summer bulbs and dig out your lawn mower for the first cut of the year. 

24 Mar 2014

Granny annexe or care home?

Granny Annexe by The Garden Escape

Be Nice To Your Children….

..because one day they will choose your care home.

Are you one of the growing number of people combining the demands of rearing a young family with the encroaching need to care for ageing parents? The chances are you are also trying to manage the task of parental role reversal remotely as so many of us raise our own families away from our childhood home towns. And I’m sure it was no fun at all, negotiating the toing and froing in all the terrible travelling conditions we have endured...

12 Mar 2014

Crowded House

Garden Gym by The Garden Escape

Has your family outgrown your house? Are the arguments raging between previously peaceful room sharing siblings as they grow older and larger and their need for personal space develops? Time for a move? Or maybe not. In terms of stress inducing events, moving house is right up there with divorce, bereavement and having a baby.

5 Mar 2014

The Progress of Spring

THE groundflame of the crocus breaks the mould, 
Fair Spring slides hither o'er the Southern sea, 
Wavers on her thin stem the snowdrop cold 
That trembles not to kisses of the bee: