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20 Jun 2014

Get Creative in Your Garden Studio

The artist, Grayson Perry, says that all of his studios hark back to his father’s shed, where the tool strewn workbench became the cockpit of a fantasy aircraft journeying to imagined lands. A place apart, where anything can happen. Somewhere peaceful for, quiet contemplation and uninterrupted concentration. A space to relax and be inspired to create bigger, better and more beautiful things.

13 Jun 2014

Your Garden and What To Do in June

As we approach the longest day of the year on June 21st, the extra light and warmth is encouraging an exuberant burst of growth and providing ample opportunity to get out into your garden. Two of the most pressing gardening jobs in June are mowing and hoe-ing, as your grass grows with greenly vigour and the weeds sprout with zeal and determination. However once these chores tasks have been completed, there are many more satisfying tasks to perform.

6 Jun 2014

Swapping Blue Light for Sunlight

It doesn’t seem like a week goes by without some press headline warning parents about the perils of childhood tech addiction. The reality is, however, that while there is a rapidly growing field of research around the notion, it is still at the stage of empirical data collection and analysis. A rather analogue and lumbering approach to an inherently digital, rapidly emerging phenomena, which has yet to produce any clear results and conclusions, let alone a diagnosis.

28 May 2014

A Garden Room in time for summer?

Oak before ash, in for a splash: ash before oak, in for a soak… say the old wives. Well, my oak was in almost full leaf before the ash started to sprout green and my glass is most definitely half full. Some may call me deluded, but I have a feeling that this summer is going to be a good one and I am really looking forward to getting out in my garden to get on with some serious work, not to mention copious amounts of R&R. If you too are excited by the prospect of summer, but haven’t yet managed to get round to the matter of installing a garden room to help you get the most of being o...

23 May 2014

Summer is coming….time to tone up

Ne’er cast your clout till May is out….and it nearly is. Indeed, my clout was shed this weekend…though just my warm layers: I only braved a slither of skin. But before we know it, it’ll be time for sun tops, shorts and swimsuits and that means a bit of muscle tone is in order, and that means exercise. At least it does for me, and I know I’m not alone in feeling that my muscles could do with a little more tonicity before I don my (not so) teeny weeny costume.