29 May 2012

5 ways to build a clutter-free office environment

It’s not just homeowners that are having trouble finding space, some offices across the country are becoming cramped and desks are becoming overcrowded.

Finding an efficient way to store office essentials and creating a productive environment for workers is becoming an increasingly difficult balance. Rather than keep moving up into the sky and making rooms smaller, offices should start to consider how they can make the most of their outdoor space.

29 May 2012

Saving Space with The Garden Escape

Recent research carried out by the Royal Institute of British Architects has suggested that new houses are far too small. Many Britons are beginning to find that their new builds don’t have space to store everything they need and still have room to relax.

There have been reports that homeowners are going to extreme lengths to ensure they have room to enjoy their homes. Some have said they store their vacuum cleaners at a friend’s 20 minutes away, others keep their non-perishable goods from a weekly shop in the boot of their car!

2 Apr 2012

Eco Schools Show 2012

UPDATE 25th June 2012

We are off to the Eco-Schools show today to set up for our workshop tomorrow. We will be talking about how Outdoor Learning can inspire Environmental Citizenship. You can also find us on Stand 19 so come along for a chat.

21 Mar 2012

Outdoor classrooms could help address primary school place shortage

News today that we face a shortage of primary school places. This article in the Telegraph tells the full story. Whilst this is certainly a concern for parents and government alike, it could also represent an opportunity for primary schools.

9 Mar 2012

A Garden Office can be the perfect working space

Some good tips here at Home Designing for creating an inspiring work space at home. A garden room can provide the solution to a stressful and expensive commute saving you money, time and even your sanity.