18 Dec 2012

Add more value to your home in your own back garden

The fluctuating housing market is a challenge for any homeowner and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find new and innovative ways to increase the value of your home. A good kitchen and bathroom are always top of the value checklist but more homeowners are choosing to improve the unique aspects of their property to get ahead on the market. 

Garden rooms are a popular way to add value to a property without disturbing the house that already exists. They can become an essential part of your home, give it a bespoke feature that will stand out on the mark...

16 Dec 2012

Form Following Function in Environmental Architecture

Architecture is only beautiful so far as it is consistent with natural forms and landscapes. In his essay 'Form Following Function in Environmental Architecture,' Gabriel Sistare, a writer and editor, considers how architecture is necessarily restricted by the environment, either by topography or resources. But while some designers might prefer demolition of nature to impose architectural influence, Gabriel argues that environmental compatibility creates better structures that people will recognize as attractive.

5 Dec 2012

Five questions to ask your garden room designer

Starting a garden room project from scratch can leave you asking a lot of questions... Will that hill get in the way? Who do I need to contact about planning permission? How can I make sure I’m making the most of the sunshine?  It’s your garden and your home so wanting to know the ins and outs is only natural. When working with a garden room designer, knowing the right questions to ask can make the difference between a good build and a great one. Communication is key so don’t be afraid to grill your designer to make sure you’re getting the perfect fit. 

3 Dec 2012

Garden Rooms vs. Conservatories & Extensions

It’s not breaking news that homeowners are running out of space. Families are getting larger and new homes are becoming smaller. Rather than moving somewhere bigger, more and more people are choosing to make the most of the space they do have available and creating additional rooms.

Traditionally an extra room would come in the form of an extension or a conservatory but now they’re not the only options. Garden rooms are becoming increasingly popular and by comparing them, it’s possible to see why.

20 Nov 2012

The Learning Escape highlights Anti-Bullying week

Bullying in schools is a battle for pupils, teacher and parents. We may not have eradicated it completely but schools are campaigning to make a difference. This week, between 19th and 23rd November, is Anti-Bullying Week and schools across the country are working together to raise awareness and help put a stop to bullies.