25 Jul 2013

The School We'd Like...

school we'd like

In 2012, The Guardian and Zurich Municipal launched ‘The School We’d Like’ – a competition encouraging staff and students to submit an idea that would improve their school community’s quality of life. Each category – Primary school, Secondary school and Special school – was offered a prize of £5000 to allow the winning ideas to be realised.

17 Jul 2013

Climate change makes a comeback in the curriculum

climate change curriculum

After suggestions earlier in the year that the new National Curriculum was going to drop lessons on climate change as a requirement, the final version put forward this month now says otherwise. Education Secretary Michael Gove has abandoned plans to move climate change to the science syllabus as environmentalists and science teachers claimed that this would downgrade the topic and make its existence a greater cause for debate.

12 Jul 2013

Guest Blog: Planting to Enhance your Garden Buildings

perfect pergolas enhance garden room

One of the joys of employing professionals to design, plan and build your outdoor structure is that they will position it sensitively within your garden space. But what happens next? You can easily enhance your outdoor building by bringing the garden even closer. Here are some practical tips on how to achieve the wow factor without too much maintenance.

3 Jul 2013

Reconnect with nature on Empty Classroom Day

This Friday, 5th July, is Project Dirt’s second Empty Classroom Day. Founded in 2011 by schools and organisations at the London Sustainable Schools Forum, it is designed to be a day to celebrate outdoor learning. The idea behind Empty Classroom Day comes down to one thing, schools simply have to pledge that on 5th...

18 Jun 2013

Seizing success at the National College Leadership Conference

Seizing Success tree

Last week The Learning Escape team made their way to Birmingham to attend the National College Annual Leadership Conference. Named Seizing Success, it brought together world-class speakers to share their insights into modern leadership.