1 Sep 2013

Swap the stresses of the workplace for the comfort of home

homeworking garden office

Wouldn’t it be great if the summer, and the lie-ins, never had to end? While we can’t rely on the British sunshine lasting until Christmas, the return of the colder months doesn’t have to bring your 9-5 routine along with it. So if you’ve been dreaming of the benefits of an extra half an hour in bed since your alarm went off this morning, why not join the 17% ...

14 Aug 2013

Gardening is good for you!

happy gardening garden room

Whether you’re feeling tired, bored or a little down, spending time in your garden – working or relaxing – can instantly lift your spirits. And now, thanks to a recent survey conducted by Gardener’s World, we can officially confirm that being in your garden is good for your physical, and mental, health!

7 Aug 2013

It's not too late to start your summer garden project

summer garden room project

We all start summer with an ambitious list of projects, plans and ideas for our gardens – however after July’s unexpected, but very welcome, heatwave you’d be forgiven for entering August without having transformed your outdoor space. Luckily, despite the dubious weather reports, summer hasn’t yet finished and there’s still time to create a Garden Escape you can enjoy all year long.

1 Aug 2013

The Learning Escape is awarded BESA Membership

BESA member The Learning Escape

Our 10th anniversary year has been filled with exciting new projects and achievements, one of which is that we have recently been awarded with a BESA membership.

25 Jul 2013

The School We'd Like...

school we'd like

In 2012, The Guardian and Zurich Municipal launched ‘The School We’d Like’ – a competition encouraging staff and students to submit an idea that would improve their school community’s quality of life. Each category – Primary school, Secondary school and Special school – was offered a prize of £5000 to allow the winning ideas to be realised.