4 Oct 2013

Come and say hello if you will be at one of the events we are attending in the next few weeks

The Learning Escape at the Education Show

It’s a busy couple of weeks coming up for us and Matt will be travelling the country to meet with schools and colleges at

Capita’s Planning and Delivering School Places Conference on the 7th October

The Liverpool Fiveways clust...

27 Sep 2013

Subject specific problems & solutions of a bespoke Creative Space

Hampton Infant creativity room

A We were reading Parent & Teacher online this morning about a £1m fundraising campaign for their new music and 6th form centre at Adams Grammar school and that got us thinking.

A bespoke creative space promotes creative thinking and learning, helping students of all abilities to enjoy and engage with artistic subjects. Schools wouldn’t teach maths without calculators or...

20 Sep 2013

Ten things that mean your eco-builder is an expert

Eco builder

At The Learning Escape we pride ourselves on the longevity of our eco-buildings. With a minimum 60-year lifespan, you can be confident that despite heavy winter storms or glorious summer sun your building will be a safe and comfortable learning environment.  But deciding who to work with can be a tricky business… particularly if you’ve never embarked on a building project before.  To save you from unnecessary trouble and a disappointing outcome we’ve compiled our Top Ten Tips to pick the builders from the (cow)boys!

10 Sep 2013

Creative Spaces: Benefits of an eco-classroom

creative space outdoor classroom

Too often, opportunities for children to learn art, photography and music are compromised by the lack of a practical space designed to accommodate their spontaneity and creativity. As bespoke creative studios for art, photography and music, our eco-classrooms have given schools across the country the tranquillity and inspiration their closeness to nature provides, as well as its effect on students’ concentration, self-discipline and behaviour, as proven by Child Psychologist Aric Sigman.

1 Sep 2013

Swap the stresses of the workplace for the comfort of home

homeworking garden office

Wouldn’t it be great if the summer, and the lie-ins, never had to end? While we can’t rely on the British sunshine lasting until Christmas, the return of the colder months doesn’t have to bring your 9-5 routine along with it. So if you’ve been dreaming of the benefits of an extra half an hour in bed since your alarm went off this morning, why not join the 17% ...