24 Jul 2015

What a busy school year it’s been

The Learning Escape by TGEscapes

Teachers across the UK are relaxing into their well-earned summer break, recharging their energy levels for September and, no doubt, reflecting upon the busy year just passed. The Learning Escape team are also in a reflective mood after an extremely busy, and rewarding, year.

15 Jul 2015

Summer in Full Bloom

Garden Room by The Garden Escape

With the midsummer solstice almost a month behind us, nature is settling into the summer vibe. Skys are more often blue than not; the greens of foliage and grass have reached their uniform summer peak and even the birds are chilling.

8 Jul 2015

Cambridge University Botanic Gardens Eco-Classroom

Eco-Classroom at Cambridge Botanic Gardens

We have recently completed a project that we thought we would share with you, as it was right up our street, so to speak. The Cambridge University Botanic Garden has a long standing commitment to groups seeking gardening inspiration, an introduction to the natural world or an escape into an oasis of calm and beauty.

29 Jun 2015

EdExec Live 1st July

Education Executive Live

The 5th annual EdExec Live event will be taking place this coming Wednesday, 1st July at a new venue: 30 Euston Square, London. Designed specifically for school business management, this full, fast-paced day will...

25 Jun 2015

National School Sports Week is a Good Reason to Get Outdoors

National school sports week


FACT: The average British child watches more than 17 hours of TV a week: they also spend over 20 hours per week online.

FACT: Around 3 in 10 children aged between 2 and 15 are overweight or obese: if current trends continue, more than a half of all adults and a quarter of children will be obese by 2050.

FACT: 1 in 10 children aged between 5 and 15 have a clinically diagnosed mental health disorder: there are many more who are overlooked by the medical profession.