21 Jan 2016

Amazing Garden Gyms

One of the most commonly broken new year’s resolutions is to exercise more and get fit. Some of those who fail will have mentally committed themselves to a daily run or brisk walk: unfortunately, unless you live in the Southern hemisphere, January is never a good time of year to commence upon an outdoor work out regime!

11 Jan 2016

Video featuring the team at Shotton Hall Academy in Peterlee County Durham

We were thrilled to be appointed by the Academy at Shotton Hall last year, to create a learning centre that incorporates additional classroom space; a dedicated teacher training facility to support the school’s role as a National Teaching School and a new administration centre. The school wanted a sustainable, energy efficient building that would sit lightly upon the land, with minimal ground interference, and blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings of the school’s grounds.

8 Jan 2016

Kill the Commute Before It Kills You

This week, BBC Breakfast is sharing the findings of its recently commissioned survey of the UK’s 30 million plus commuters. It should come as no surprise that almost a quarter of them find it stressful, and this figure rises to well over a third (38%) for those who travel to and from work by train. Another recent report has found that the average rail commuter pays up to six times more for their fares than their European counterparts, whilst a survey by the TUC late last year highlighted how there has been a significant rise in the length of commute for many people.

17 Dec 2015

Private Gym

As the festive party gathers apace, many of us are already noticing the odd pound creeping up and know that come the New Year we will, yet again, promise ourselves to ditch the Christmas excess. But before you hastily sign up for public gym membership and join the battalions of non-attendees later in the year, take a look at how some of our customers have benefitted from creating their very own, private spaces in which to work out.

8 Dec 2015

Unbelievable Garden Rooms

Whilst it doesn’t yet feel quite cold enough for winter, there is no doubting the season’s arrival as rivers across the country burst their banks and the sun begins its descent ever earlier as we unavoidably inch towards the longest night. Once Christmas is over and 2016 has been welcomed in, getting outside to soak up the sun’s scant offering of rays will be a distinctly unappealing prospect for all but the hardiest of outdoor lovers and owners of very lively dogs.