Outdoor Classrooms

Staff & children at Whitchurch primary on how their shelter helps with outdoor learning

Outdoor Classrooms for Schools

Increased contact with nature improves the way children learn, both formally and informally. Outdoor learning gives them direct experience of the subject, making it more interesting and enhancing their understanding.

The Benefits of Outdoor Classrooms for Schools

The evidence for improvement, which child psychologist Aric Sigman calls the ‘countryside effect’, is considerable. He found that children exposed to nature scored higher on concentration and self-discipline; improved their awareness, reasoning and observational skills; did better in reading, writing, maths, science and social studies; were better at working in teams; and showed improved behaviour overall.

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But children don’t simply learn more, or learn better, when freed from their desks. They also learn differently, experiencing improvements in four specific ways:

  • Cognitive Impacts (greater knowledge and understanding)
  • Affective Impacts (attitudes, values, beliefs and self-perceptions)
  • Interpersonal and Social Impacts (communication skills, leadership and teamwork)
  • Physical and Behavioural Impacts (fitness, personal behaviours and social actions.

Our Eco outdoor classrooms with large windows allowing plenty of natural light help schools all over the country to get a closer view of nature. However, in some situations we have found that schools don’t need a fully functioning classroom but they do need a shelter or canopy to help them in their outdoor learning pursuits.

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