The Learning Escape Range

Every Learning Escape is individually designed by our dedicated architects to make the best use of your available space. Every school, nursery or college’s needs are different so every eco-building has it’s own unique features. Here we have some examples of different sized buildings and their various uses.

Guide prices shown are for a full service including architect design, planning permissions and finished build.

5-30m2    from £15k

A simple solution for additional space, meeting room, breakout area or outdoor classroom.

Photograph shown is Pooles Park Primary, used as a nature study space for the wildlife club, and for the local community after school hours.

30-50m2    from £45k

A library, music room or extra class space.

Photograph shown is Dodford Primary, providing a tranquil space for their library and freeing up space within the school.

50-65m2    from £75k

Simple additional classroom, SEN space or staff room

Photograph shown is at Whitehill Primary, providing a quiet zone central to the school where teachers can relax and observe outdoor play, and the student council can meet in a special place.

85m2    from £110k

Single stand alone outdoor classroom with lobby, ample storage and large covered deck to promote free flow play.

Photograph shown is from Hindringham Primary, providing extra space for a reception class facility at the Norfolk village school.

2-3 Classroom    from £160k

Classroom blocks are a quick and cost effective way to accommodate additional children in an inspiring learning space. Energy efficient with lots of natural light, they can bring an added dimension that temporary buildings often lack.

Example shown is a 3 room outdoor classroom at Danesfield Manor school. The building includes a covered walkway used for free flow play and outdoor learning.

Multi Classroom    from £1,200 per m2

A Learning Escape can provide an alternative to a traditional building or extension. Single or double storey blocks can include classrooms, canteen and common room,  and are designed to allow for natural cross-ventilation.

Example shown in photograph is Phase 1 of a 600 place classroom block at Woolwich Polytechnic for Boys.