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5 Nov 2015

What is A Modular Building?

The Learning Escape Modular building at Heronsgate

Pupil numbers are rising and expected to continue to do so (at least until the 2020s) and school budgets under pressure (for the foreseeable future). In these times of limited resources and an uncertain future, many schools are looking for a time and cost efficient solution to their immediate need for additional teaching space: modular classrooms. For many, this conjures up an image of an unsightly pre-fab, mobile structure craned into the most accessible, though not necessarily the most desirable, spot.

15 Oct 2015

How could you make use of a modular school building?

Teacher Training Room at Sacred Heart Coventry by The Learning Escape

As many schools are experiencing growth in the number of pupils, they are increasingly finding that every available space within the main school building has been used for additional classroom capacity. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that there is adequate space for teaching the main curriculum to a larger number of children, other aspects of space essential to the efficient operation of a busy school have needed to be sacrificed. Increasingly, we are undertaking a number of projects for schools that need extra space, but not necessarily teaching space.

8 Oct 2015

It’s World Mental Health Day on October 10th

Mental Health week logo

The best way to deal with a crisis is to prevent it from happening.

Hosted by the World Federation of Mental Health, this year’s World Mental Health Day will take place on Saturday 10th October and the emphasis will be upon challenging the stigma surrounding mental health problems.

28 Sep 2015

Studios for learning

The Learning Escape at Dulwich Junior School

Many schools choose to create a learning studio in order to give their pupils a space that differs from the traditional classroom. The subjects taught in these studios may require unique equipment, mirrored walls for dance or instruments for music, or need an environment that encourages creative thinking. A studio gives pupils an opportunity to work directly with their chosen subject, to focus on it entirely without other classroom distractions. Eco-classrooms can make ideal self contained studios for Art, Music, Dance and darkrooms for photography.

22 Sep 2015

World Green Building Week

World Green building council

This week, from 21st to 27th September, is the 7th annual World Green Building Week. Organised by the World Green Building Council, the aim of the campaign is to create an engaging and connected public conversation about the role buildings play in our sustainable future.