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21 Apr 2016

Have you considered funding your extra classrooms with an Operating Lease?

The headlines this week have highlighted the growing number of families whose children have failed to be allocated a place at their preferred primary school next September. For many schools, this will be a far too familiar story, as they have (yet again) been forced to reluctantly turn potential pupils away. Many will have applied for capital funding to increase classroom capacity and some will have been successful. However, a large number of schools will have found their Local Authority purse lacking in sufficient funds to build a long overdue addition to their pupil provision.

22 Mar 2016

How will your school manage with the coming Secondary Bulge?

The warning bells are ringing out, heralding an imminent crisis in secondary school places, as the population bulge which has been affecting primary school for the last five years begins to squeeze through into the secondary sector. Whilst the Department for Education will not be releasing official figures for the recently announced secondary school place allocations until June, a number of local authorities are suggesting that the crisis is spreading from London to other major cities and densely populated counties.

3 Mar 2016

NASEN Conference

Addressing Special Educational Needs at NASEN Live

“We believe that the best outcomes for children and young people with special educational and additional needs are secured by working together in partnership with schools, settings and colleges to influence government policy to inform and provide effective practice.” nasen vision

25 Feb 2016

Young Minds Matter

Last week, Huffington Post launched their Young Minds Matter campaign. The Duchess of Cambridge is endorsing the project, acting as guest editor of a series of articles commissioned to highlight the extent of the problem of children’s mental health and the woeful amount of attention being paid to the issue, which has reached crisis point. The series also aims to suggest a number of potential solutions to removing the stigma surrounding menta...

28 Jan 2016

How to Design the Perfect Eco-classroom

A perfect eco-classroom is a fairly tall order and must fulfil many criteria if it is to be worthy of the title. For starters, the building must be genuinely environmentally friendly, from the materials and methods used in its construction and its energy efficiency once in use, through to its sensitivity to its occupants. However, just as importantly, it should perfectly fit your school’s unique set of needs and requirements in terms of cost, location, size, layout, features and appliances.