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25 Feb 2016

Young Minds Matter

The Learning Escape @ Shotton Hall Academy by TGEscapes

Last week, Huffington Post launched their Young Minds Matter campaign. The Duchess of Cambridge is endorsing the project, acting as guest editor of a series of articles commissioned to highlight the extent of the problem of children’s mental health and the woeful amount of attention being paid to the issue, which has reached crisis point. The series also aims to suggest a number of potential solutions to removing the stigma surrounding menta...

28 Jan 2016

How to Design the Perfect Eco-classroom

The Learning Escape @ Bickley Park School by TGEscapes

A perfect eco-classroom is a fairly tall order and must fulfil many criteria if it is to be worthy of the title. For starters, the building must be genuinely environmentally friendly, from the materials and methods used in its construction and its energy efficiency once in use, through to its sensitivity to its occupants. However, just as importantly, it should perfectly fit your school’s unique set of needs and requirements in terms of cost, location, size, layout, features and appliances.

28 Jan 2016

Building Design for Eco Classrooms

The Learning Escape at Bickley Park Bromley

To learn and experience the outdoor environment you have to be out in it. Our climate dictates that we can’t sit outside under a fig tree in the shade all year, so where possible, ensure all the elements of the design is based around the philosophy of minimising the barriers between inside and out to maximise the feeling of being part of nature and the good environmental citizenship that this will develop. We’ve compiled some top tips to help you get the most from the design of your eco-classroom:

11 Jan 2016

Video featuring the team at Shotton Hall Academy in Peterlee County Durham

Learning Centre at Shotton Hall Academy by The Learning Escape

We were thrilled to be appointed by the Academy at Shotton Hall last year, to create a learning centre that incorporates additional classroom space; a dedicated teacher training facility to support the school’s role as a National Teaching School and a new administration centre. The school wanted a sustainable, energy efficient building that would sit lightly upon the land, with minimal ground interference, and blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings of the school’s grounds.

19 Nov 2015

What is an Eco-classroom?

Eco classroom by The Learning Escape

The term eco-classroom is an abridgement of the more accurate, but unwieldy, title ecologically friendly classroom. The commonly used phrase eco-friendly can be applied to products (from food and clothing to cars and washing machines), practices and buildings. The most common dictionary definition is “not harmful to the environment”. There is, however, an array of attributes to which a building (product or practice) needs to adhere in order for it to be categorised as authentically eco-friendly.