Learning Escape Blog

18 Jun 2013

Seizing success at the National College Leadership Conference

Last week The Learning Escape team made their way to Birmingham to attend the National College Annual Leadership Conference. Named Seizing Success, it brought together world-class speakers to share their insights into modern leadership.

14 Jun 2013

A new Learning Escape: How will you use yours?

Every Learning Escape is a brand new project and it’s always exciting to find out what a school wants to create in their grounds. Designing buildings that are flexible and bespoke allows us to find the perfect fit, whether it’s for pupils or staff, lessons or meetings.

7 Jun 2013

Celebrate your outdoor space in National School Grounds Week

Between 10th and 14th June, Learning through Landscapes are helping show schools and communities across the country how easy and worthwhile it is to take learning and teaching outdoors.

28 May 2013

The setting for an Outdoor Classroom is a crucial consideration

Make a ‘journey’ to your new outdoor classroom – The setting can be motivational too!

At The Learning Escape we know how the siting and landscape associated with new classrooms can have a significant impact on children and staff.  We have all heard how many children recognise fast food logos but cannot identify common living plants or animals and  82% of teenagers are more likely to associate 'blackberry’ with a phone rather than a fruit, according to a YouGov poll.

16 May 2013

Learning outside the classroom can help with Special Education Needs

Working in a natural environment can benefit children of all ages and abilities. More schools are now seeing how learning outside the classroom can help children with SEN explore the world around them.