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10 Feb 2014

Get pupils outside for their half term homework

Are you ready for the groan next week when you announce the half term homework assignment? Are you already inwardly dreading marking an amorphous mass of googled, cut and pasted projects? How about thinking outside the box a little to give you all a burst of enthusiasm? Think outside! The project can be designed to tie into one or more parts of the curriculum, with the emphasis on learning through exploration.

7 Feb 2014

The Learning Escape Warranties

Our buildings are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, ergonomic and highly practical but, just as importantly, they are built to last. We would anticipate that one of our beautiful glass and timber constructions, appropriately maintained, would last for 50 years or more. However, for your added piece of mind, we provide you with a number of warranties upon the completion of your build.

5 Feb 2014

Mobilise Your Eco Warriors at school

Go Green Week (10th-16th Feb) and Climate Care Challenge (3rd-9th Mar)

We at The Learning Escape pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly methods and our use of sustainable materials and technologies in the construction of our eco-classrooms. Get your pupils involved in th...

21 Jan 2014

How could your school use an SEN classroom?

With the population of school-age children increasing year on year, schools are often left struggling for the extra space needed to offer specialist attention to children with SEN or disabilities. By using otherwise unused school grounds to create a bright, flexible learning environment Learning Escapes have provided uplifting spaces for schools across the country.

8 Jan 2014

A Rated Eco-Classrooms from The Learning Escape

All commercial buildings in the UK that use energy to condition the indoor climate now require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) whenever they are sold and two of our latest Learning Escapes have achieved an A rating.