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30 May 2014

Inspiring Leadership Conference 2014 - 11th-13th June

The Inspiring Leadership Conference 2014 is due to take place between the 11th and 13th June at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham and we, at The Learning Escape, are delighted to be taking part. The CfBT, NAHT and ASCL have joined forces to organise a dynamic new leadership conference, designed to inspire leaders spanning the entire primary, secondary and special educational landscape. An exciting line-...

19 May 2014

The NPH National Annual Conference - 21st & 22nd May

The NPH is run by, with and for primary head teachers with the aim of facilitating the formation of local and regional groups that, together, give primary heads a united perspective and voice. One of its fundamental objectives is for head teachers to reclaim the primary curriculum, which has become rigidly focused upon numeracy and literacy in recent years. The NPH believes that creativity and imagination need to be restored to their rightful place alongside core curriculum subjects, if our primary education system is to cultivate a futur...

13 May 2014

Walk To School Week – 19th- 23rd May 2014

Next week is Walk to School Week, a fantastic campaign to try and encourage more families to leave the car at home and get the kids walking. Walking has great health benefits and ensures that children arrive at school brighter, less stressed and more alert. One of the most common reasons given by parents for not allowing their children to walk to school is the over-heightened fear of stranger danger, even though there is a less than one in a million chance of a child being harmed by a completely unknown individual. Very little thought is given to the risk of poor health and an early death a...

6 May 2014

Get Outside and Feast on the Joys of Spring

Next Sunday (11th May) is National Children’s Day UK 2014(NCDUK) and it will be dedicated to exploring the necessity for children to connect with nature and the positive effects of being outside. In the week running up to next Sunday, the NCDUK is collaborating with Project Wild Thing and the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood to encourage everyone to swap screen-time for wild t...

30 Apr 2014

Make the Most of Your Outside Space

Increasingly, educators are perceiving that a school’s grounds are potentially as important to the education and overall well-being of our children as are its buildings. Appropriate use of the outdoor space can have a dramatic impact on physical health, concentration levels, standards of behaviour and learning capacity, yet they are often under-utilised.