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17 Sep 2014

Autumn is a great time for Outdoor Learning

As autumn draws in, nature is busy readying itself for the cold winter months with many plants and animals putting on a fantastic final show. Squirrels and jays are frantically burying their winter stores of nuts and acorns; mini beasts are seeking shelter in leaf litter, whilst butterflies and ladybirds are beginning to search for warm spaces in which to hibernate. Leaves are starting to turn as the hours of sunlight wane; mushrooms abound and seed or fruit bearing plants are busily preparing for next spring. Sycamore helicopters, prickly beechnuts, conkers and acorns are to be found in ab...

13 Sep 2014

Smart lighting control gives brilliantly lit classrooms without costing the planet

Two issues lie at the very heart of The Learning Escape ethos: education and environmentalism. Those of you that know us, will understand how hard we strive to provide the very best teaching environments: a significant element of which is the quantity and quality of light introduced into our eco-classrooms. We are also passionate about preserving the environment for future generations of school children. So, it will come as no surprise, that we have taken great care in sourcing our lighting systems from a su...

3 Sep 2014

Are you bursting at the seams with your new school intake?

We at the Learning Escape all hope that you all enjoyed your well-deserved summer break, and that you have returned to the new school year refreshed and ready to tend to what is likely to be a large intake of little ones. Are you however, starting to feel like your school premises are slightly bulging at the seams?

The rising birth rate of recent years has resulted in councils needing to provide an extra 90,000 places last year, with a further 130,000 expected to be needed over the next 3 years. It would appear that in many instances, the extra funding committed by the Government to...

14 Jul 2014

Pooles Park National Lottery Award Finalists

The team at The Learning Escape were thrilled to hear that one of our clients is in contention for a National Lottery Award in the Best Environment category. We were honoured to be chosen by Pooles Park School, in Islington, central London, two years ago when the lottery grant was awarded. 

9 Jul 2014

Gold for The Learning Escape in The Green Apple Awards

Established 20 years ago, The Green Organisation is an international, independent, non-profit, non-political, non-activist environment group dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world. Its Green Apple Awards have become the UK’s most respected scheme for the recognition of environmental endeavour among companies, councils, communities and countries.