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4 Feb 2015

Mobilize Your Environmental Citizens This Go Green Week

Go green week

The week commencing 9th February 2015, marks People and Planet’s annual, national week of climate action in schools, colleges and universities. People and Planet are Britain’s largest student network which, via a series of campaigns, aims to engage and empower young people to take positive action for social and environmental justice. Go Green Week is intended to encourage students to organise activities that raise awareness in their communities of climate change, and to demand that we all take stronger action to tackle the situ...

21 Jan 2015

Spring is on its way…..

The Learning Escape at Roll Cresent Primary School

…..So why not plan to incorporate your very own springwatch into this term’s lesson plan, and kick off the New Year with a commitment to teaching more in the Great Outdoors?

14 Jan 2015

The Capita Early Years Provision Conference

The Capita Early Years Provision Conference

At a time when the baby boom is in full swing and the Government are increasingly looking to the Early Years sector to address the issue of inequality of opportunity to fully develop every child’s potential, it is an incredibly exciting and dynamic time in which to be a provider of care for pre-school children.

16 Dec 2014

The Funny Things Kids Say at Christmas

Laughing Kids

The Learning Escape team know all too well what a busy time of year this is for teachers, so thought we’d offer some light relief, gathering together some of the funniest stories about children and their thoughts about Christmas.

9 Dec 2014

Outdoor Homework for the Christmas Holidays

Homework outdoors

At The Learning Escape, we appreciate the benefits of outdoor learning. We know it’s getting chilly and the longest night is looming, but there is still plenty of sunshine to be enjoyed, giving ample opportunity to encourage your pupils to get learning outside this Christmas holidays. Why not ask them to keep an outdoors, winter journal? You can see what ideas the class have as to what should be recorded, or you could use some of ours.