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20 Apr 2015

Whatever their colour, the next Government will need to grow our Teacher Training Capacity

General Election 2015

All the main political parties, and many of the potentially electable minor players, have nailed their colours to the mast and revealed their election manifestos. Notwithstanding the fact that at least one of the party leaders has proven himself a master of the volt face, we have taken a close look at what they all have to say about their plans for education.

8 Apr 2015

Clever Classrooms - Research from Salford University

Clever Classrooms

Those of you who regularly read our blog, will be aware of our belief that natural daylight is not only good for us but that it also enhances the cognitive and behavioural function of a classroom’s occupants. Last month, the University of Salford published a research report, entitled “Clever Classrooms”, detailing the results of the Holistic Evidence and Design (HEAD) project. In a nutshell, the project found clear evidence that well designed primary schools boost children’s academic performance in reading, writing and maths by a considerable margin.

9 Mar 2015

Conferences Coming Up

Matt is busy getting ready to hit the road for another busy conference season. He will be starting off this Wednesday, 11th March at the Radisson Blue Hotel, Manchester Airport, in attendance at the School Business Manager and Academy Business Manager Conference. There will be two conference programmes to maximise agenda relevance and both will feature expert speakers covering a range of topical issues. Whichever programme you will be attending, come and say...

4 Mar 2015

What if your Condition Improvement Fund bid is unsuccessful?

EFA logo

For those of you who have been unsuccessful in your bids for the 2015-16 Condition Improvement Funds, it will be bitterly dissapointing, particularly if you have an old building desperately in need of refurbishment or are bursting at the seams as pupil numbers grow. Should you be amongst the ranks of successful applicants, we wish you well for your future project. However, if your bid was turned down, we would like to offer you a helping hand to improve your chances of a more favourable outcome upon your next bid. W...

16 Feb 2015

Conferences Coming Up

Upcoming events

Matt is getting ready for a couple of conferences once half term is over, beginning with SBM Leaders Live 2015 on Tuesday 24th February at the Wembley Hilton in London.