Is There An Elephant In Your Home Office Room?

It is becoming increasingly common for professionals to seek a better work-life balance. As technological advancements make it easier for more companies to adopt flexible policies that accommodate the shifting priorities of their employees, working from home is becoming ever more viable.

Ultimately, the company is motivated by the improvements in productivity engendered by a workforce that is spending less time commuting, feeling less stressed and gaining a valuable morale boost from its proximity to home and family. The theorists would also highlight the added advantage of a reduction in the distractions that are inherent in a busy office. Whilst this is largely correct, working from home can present its own set of diversions.

Wherever you have decided to set up your home workstation in the house, you can rest assured that someone in your family will, at some point during the average day, see that space as theirs. Of course, they are delighted to see more of you, but not just there, just then. You are likely to feel similar feelings of irritation if you are expected to uproot to another room to accommodate the rhythms of family life. It is not an issue that is easy to discuss, as everyone is loving spending more time together and no one wants to upset each other. So whilst it is an issue that is obvious to all parties, it becomes deliberately ignored. It becomes the elephant in the room.

Look! There is an elephant

It’s in my living room

Can you see the elephant?

Maybe you’ll see it soon


That elephant is so very big

How can you even breathe?

It takes up so much space!

No air for you I see.


Will you not mention the elephant?

He’s taking up all the space

I cannot seem to figure out

Why the elephant’s in this place.


Maybe if you mention him

He will go away

Even though you’ll miss him

You sure won’t miss his bray


He might go to another room

To take up all their space

Maybe they might also wonder

Why he’s in that place

A garden office is an innovative and creative way to enjoy working from home. Our beautiful garden buildings include full height windows and bi-folding doors, allowing you to be inspired by the natural beauty of your garden away from the distractions of family life. All of our Garden Escapes are individually designed to suit your individual needs, so why not add a shower room to allow your office to double up as guest accommodation?

If your elephant is in dire need of release, why not get in touch to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation. Once you have decided to build, your garden office can be constructed in as little as 10 days.

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