The Summer of Gardens: What will you make?

If your summer holidays are approaching and your garden is feeling a little bare, it could be time to start thinking about what outdoor projects you’ve got planned for the longer days.

This could be the year that you decide to work from home or get fit, maybe you want to add value to your home or ensure you’ve got a space for people to stay. Whatever your reason for garden improvements, a Garden Escape could provide the solution. With the average build taking just two weeks, you could have a garden room ready before the British summer kicks into full swing. So what type of summer will you have?

The Summer of Sport

We’ve heard all the excuses before for avoiding the gym. Setting one up in your own back garden reduces these excuses to nothing. A garden gym is the perfect opportunity for homeowners to bring their workout closer to home. Available as single workout rooms or multi-rooms with showers, you can create the ideal environment for your routine. Many of our gyms have been used to help fitness entrepreneurs set up their own businesses. Yoga teachers and personal trainers have used them to give clients a unique service.

The Summer of Work

Work might not be the first thing you want to think about when the sun is shining but if you, like many others, have found that you’re making a shift to working from home a garden office could be a great summer project. A natural setting has been proven to help boost motivation and productivity. Creating an office space at the end of the garden path helps separate your home and work life and gives you a place to ‘commute’ to without stepping foot on a bus.

The Summer of Play

Who says your garden project can’t just be for fun? Our garden rooms have been designed for guests, dining, creating and play. They can be granny annexes or teenage dens, inspiration for an artist or a hideaway for a gamer. With our Garden Escape range, the possibilities are endless. Just choose how you want to spend your summer.

No matter what type of summer you decide on, a Garden Escape can be a way to spend your warmer evenings within a fortnight. Not only do the eco-friendly builds help you save money on energy bills, they also add value to your property. Not bad for two weeks work! 

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