Saving Space with The Garden Escape

Recent research carried out by the Royal Institute of British Architects has suggested that new houses are far too small. Many Britons are beginning to find that their new builds don’t have space to store everything they need and still have room to relax.

There have been reports that homeowners are going to extreme lengths to ensure they have room to enjoy their homes. Some have said they store their vacuum cleaners at a friend’s 20 minutes away, others keep their non-perishable goods from a weekly shop in the boot of their car!

Rather than go to such measures to create the space they need, Britons could make extra room a little closer to home. Whatever shape or size your outdoor space, creating a garden room is a great way to relieve bulging cupboard doors. Using a Garden Escape as a clutter-free place to relax, work or play frees up storage space in the house.

Top 5 ways a Garden Escape could help you make extra space:

  1. Relaxation zone. There is nothing more stressful than never-ending mess. A Garden Escape can be a space that is dedicated to clutter-free relaxing. Ensuring you have a place to escape to and making more room for storage in your home.
  2. Teenager’s den. Teenagers seem to collect lots of ‘stuff’. Turn a Garden Escape into a teenager’s den where they can keep all of their things in one place. No more tripping over headphones or console controllers
  3. Gym. If your exercise-mad but have to do stretches between sofas, creating your own outdoor gym is an easy way to keep your equipment organised and away from the house. The space freed up inside your home will provide plenty of new storage options.
  4. Home office. A garden office is a good way to keep work and home life separate. All the files, folders, computers and stationery that are currently clogging up your home can all be kept in one, inspiring space that is strictly business.
  5. Studio. It can be difficult to get your creative juices flowing in a cramped, cluttered space. A garden studio can contain all of your artistic tools and create more space in your house for everything else!

See how a Garden Escape has helped create more space at a number of homes. 

Read more about the report here.

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