Private Gym

As the festive party gathers apace, many of us are already noticing the odd pound creeping up and know that come the New Year we will, yet again, promise ourselves to ditch the Christmas excess. But before you hastily sign up for public gym membership and join the battalions of non-attendees later in the year, take a look at how some of our customers have benefitted from creating their very own, private spaces in which to work out.

The reasons why our garden gym customers decided to build are invariably unique, yet also familiar, such as this client whose busy lifestyle was making it increasingly difficult to fit in regular visits to his local gym but is now able to slot in a workout whenever the opportunity or urge arises. Or this family, who work from home and like to train frequently, whose house was overrun with training equipment and office clutter. Not only have they freed up a room in their home for the whole family to enjoy, they are loving the sense of separation between home life and work and training.

This lady, whilst loving her busy family life, now relishes her ability to escape for a brief while, early each morning, for a refreshing training session in her beautiful gym tucked away in the trees in her back garden.

And this gentleman is combining pleasure and business as a personal trainer. Not only is he saving a small fortune in training space rental, his clients love the new space in which he puts them through their paces and he loves it that he never has to queue for a machine.

Whatever your reasons for wanting a gym, you can rest assured that the team at the Garden Escape have years of experience creating a professional gym experience, in the privacy and proximity of your back garden. All our garden gyms are fitted with large windows to provide you with maximum light penetration and a fantastic view to settle your gaze upon as you notch up the miles or repetitions. We will take care to orientate the building and glazing to ensure the privacy so lacking in a public gym and also to minimise the full glare of the sun. We use acoustic plasterboard, glass and seals to cut down on the noise generated by a vigorous workout and a special flooring underlay to absorb vibrations. AA rated heating and cooling systems ensure the perfect training environment whatever the time of year and if you only get a chance to work out in the dark (especially at this time of year) we can even install a flat screen TV and surround sound.

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