Multi-room garden buildings boost space and practicality

Innovative and stylish garden buildings with multiple rooms are a popular request from homeowners that want to make the most of their space in an innovative and functional way. Creating garden rooms that are practical and multi-purpose can be a challenge but there are garden room owners across the country that are enjoying the benefits of a multi-room Garden Escape.

One multi-room project that we have worked on recently was a garden gym for a busy and active family. They wanted to create a workout space within their home that would suit their busy work and personal lives. They needed the garden gym to have a separate room for showering and changing so that everything could take place in one space, away from their house.

We designed a multi-room garden gym where.the largest room has been designed as a workout space with a TV aerial, Sky connections and an audio system. A separate changing room connects the gym to the outdoor swimming pool, allowing easy access for the family. A shower room services early gym sessions so that they can leave straight for work and during the summer it is used by the children after swimming.  It enables them to clean up post-workout without traipsing through the house.

Alongside the multi-room design, we also installed a number of additional features to meet the family’s requirements. Connecting the garden gym to the heating and hot water from the house enables the whole property to work as one, while the glass on the gym walls was powder coated to match the family's pre-existing conservatory.

Water drainage will need to be dug under ground, This is easy for a water supply but waste drains will need a natural fall back to those near the house. If this isn't possible then an underground pump station is preferable in order to dispose of waste efficiently.  Once these are in place, washrooms, showers, changing rooms, baths etc can all be installed for costs similar to that of a traditional install. Electric is often the most practical heating solution (air source heat pump or radiant convectors) as connecting to the main house gas system can add further expense.

This garden gym is just one example of how we have used the space that homeowners have available in their gardens to create a practical, but stylish, design. For those that need more flexibility in function, a multi-room garden building is the perfect solution and is often easy to design and install in any shape or space. 

Our multi-room garden projects have been featured in the latest issue of The Garden Room Guide. See a copy of the magazine here, you can find us on pages 13-15.