Get Creative in Your Garden Studio

The artist, Grayson Perry, says that all of his studios hark back to his father’s shed, where the tool strewn workbench became the cockpit of a fantasy aircraft journeying to imagined lands. A place apart, where anything can happen. Somewhere peaceful for, quiet contemplation and uninterrupted concentration. A space to relax and be inspired to create bigger, better and more beautiful things.

It may sound unattainably idyllic for all but the most successful artists, but a Garden Escape is an eminently feasible means by which all art enthusiasts can create their own, uniquely personalised haven of tranquillity. Tucked away in a quiet, green part of your garden your studio will protect you from the hustle and bustle of family life as you allow your creativity to be unleashed.

From the outset, our consultants will advise you on how to position the building to maximise the amount and quality of natural light it receives, through the floor to ceiling windows and bi-folding glass doors (which allow in just the light on chilly days and the breeze on warm ones). They will then listen to all of your ideas and help you create a space with your very own blend of the functional and inspirational: a reflection of your personality and style.

Connection to mains amenities are a standard feature of all our garden rooms, so if you need loud music, a constant supply of tea or a fridge loaded with ice cold beer to lubricate your imagination, your studio can be equipped accordingly! If you feel the need for additional natural light channelled onto your work space, we can install a sun pipe or two. And, of course, we can advise on how best to light your studio artificially for days with limited natural daylight, or indeed days when you can only escape once the kids are tucked up in bed. So whenever inspiration strikes, and time allows, you will only be a few steps away from your beautifully lit, comfortable studio where you can be transported to your own imagined land.

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