Garden Room Interior Lighting Ideas

Lighting is perhaps one of the most overlooked elements of interior design and yet it is a vitally important component of a space’s practicality, not to mention the mood and ambience of a room and its energy efficiency. The right lighting can transform a garden room into a seamless combination of functionality and style, whatever the intended use, without costing the earth both literally and figuratively.

When considering lighting, we tend to automatically think of artificial light. However optimising the use of natural light is vital in terms of practicality, energy efficiency and aesthetics and (perhaps most importantly of all) it is essential for the physical and emotional health of a room’s occupants. Natural light bounces off reflective surfaces to create a visually larger space and shows off colours better. It eases eye strain and is by far the preferred means of task lighting if the garden room is to be used as an office or studio.

Being bathed in sunlight, even that of the weak winter variety, and having access to a natural view is known to have a positive impact on our physical and mental well-being. It boosts mood, productivity and creativity whilst also reducing energy consumption, making it an ergonomically and economically smart choice. Large windows, clever site specific design and appropriate building orientation will maximise the penetration of natural light into your garden room work space, harnessing nature’s elements to their maximum. The penetration of natural light into the space can be further enhanced by the inclusion of sun pipes, which can be positioned right above your desk, workstation or favourite piece of gym equipment and serve to further reduce the need for artificial illumination.

However, there will clearly be times when the sun simply isn’t up to the job, and the lights need to be switched on. The lighting you choose must be fit for purpose or it is simply a waste of energy and so the type of artificial lighting you require will ultimately be dictated by the use for which the garden room is intended.

Perhaps you require accent lighting to make a feature of a favourite piece of art in an otherwise calm, relaxing room.

You may wish the space to have an energetic and invigorating ambience, using bright and task specific luminaires, or use subtle up-lighting to achieve a serene and relaxing ambience.

Of course, you might like to create a cosy cocoon, somewhere to feel soothed and comforted at the end of a busy day.

Indeed, you might need to create different effects at certain times of the day or week: perhaps a clean, brightly lit office by day, a cosy den in the evening and a welcoming occasional guest room at the weekend. By installing the right combination of overhead and wall lights and a smart control system, you can ensure the provision of the right light, into the right place at the right time. User comfort will be maximised and energy consumption minimised.

And don’t forget the exterior lighting, to light the way back to your house at the end of a pleasant evening in the garden or simply to make a feature of the building itself.

Whatever you are intending to use your garden room for, pay attention to the lighting from the outset and you can ensure you have a beautifully lit, comfortable space that looks great and makes you feel good. Selecting the right provider of your garden room, such as TG Escapes, who have already put great care into the lighting element of their buildings’ design, leaves you safe in the knowledge that it will be kind to you, your pocket and the environment.

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