Energy Efficient Buildings

Garden buildings by The Garden Escape

I think most of us are resigned to the notion that our energy bills are only going in one direction. And maybe you are reading this because you would dearly love to build a room in your garden (whether it be as an office, a gym or purely for pleasure) but are holding back because of concerns about how much it is going to cost you to heat and light it in all but the loveliest of weather. Perhaps we, at The Garden Escape, can reassure you.

When developing our buildings the environment, and how to look after it, has always been at the forefront of our minds. We are committed to using eco-friendly materials, methods and technologies to create ecologically sound, healthy and sustainable buildings for you and your future.

A significant consequence of the way in which our buildings are constructed, is that they are highly energy efficient to run. On average, a typical Garden Escape, connected to all main amenities adds just £200 p.a. to the annual electric and water bills. Two of our latest, larger commercial buildings have received an A rated Energy Performance Certificate which, in layman’s terms, is equivalent to the A rating awarded to the most energy efficient electrical appliances.

To name just a few examples (standard to all our buildings), our insulation material is not only highly effective, but also one of the most environmentally sustainable products available in today’s market. Our full length windows and doors are made with low E glass, are double glazed and are specially coated to minimize heat emissions: they also bathe the garden room in brilliant natural light so, even on gloomy days, the need for artificial lighting is minimal.

If you are willing to make a larger investment up front, we can incorporate a sedum roof, solar panels or even a wind turbine to bring your energy bills close to zero. All it is going to cost to continue to enjoy your Garden Escape for years to come is the odd tub of oil to keep the elements at bay.