Amazing Garden Gyms

One of the most commonly broken new year’s resolutions is to exercise more and get fit. Some of those who fail will have mentally committed themselves to a daily run or brisk walk: unfortunately, unless you live in the Southern hemisphere, January is never a good time of year to commence upon an outdoor work out regime!

Others have decided to sign up to a public gym, and often find that timing is still not on their side. Protected from the elements you may be, but so are the several hundred other new gym members queueing for the equipment. Not to mention the super fit brigade, putting in the extra hours to shift their festive excess.

What about combining the sensation of exercising in the great outdoors, with fantastic views from within the comfort of a warm cosy and dry interior and with no queues, no perfect bodies on the machine next to you, no mirrors and no travel time. A private gym in your back garden is the perfect solution. Filled with the kit of your choice, available to use at whatever time you choose, regardless of the vagaries of the British weather. You can find out more about Garden Gym Garden Escapes from TG Escapes here.

Here are a selection of amazing garden gyms to inspire your ideas.

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