Climate Care

We care about our climate and will continue to reduce our carbon footprint as we develop our environmentally friendly buildings. Our garden rooms, offices, public buildings and learning spaces are evolving into carbon neutral spaces as we continue our dedication to tackle climate change by offsetting their CO2 emissions with Climate Care. Climate Care is like a repair service for damage to the climate. Repair takes time and is not as good as avoiding damage in the first place, but it is something that can be done right now to offset the CO2 emissions from our activities.  Climate Care will reduce pollution (CO2) equal to the amounts we create – making our activities climate neutral.
This has been in our minds from the start. The original concept was to create a working office using garden space so that people could avoid travelling great distances to work, not only wasting their most valuable resource – time - but also reducing the pollutants that a commute to work create.
We also source our components very carefully from sustainable sources and design our buildings so that from the foundations up, we have a low impact upon the earth and our climate. Climate Care do a great job of helping us keep things in balance so they’re worth checking out. As well as helping businesses they can help individuals too.