27th Aug
The Garden Escape
Gym Germs and Other Reasons to Exercise at Home
Garden Gym by The Garden Escape

So, we all know not to eat nuts at the bar or to help ourselves from the bowl of Imperial mints at your local Indian restaurant……if you don’t, take the advice. But how much thought have you given to the bacterial levels present on the weights, bike seats and shower walls and floors at a public gym? And then there’s all the other stuff that make it so easy to not go.

22nd Aug
The Garden Escape
Time for a Picnic

With two weeks to go till the end of the summer holidays, and still plenty of sunshine up for grabs, why not get baking and creating with the children and head off for a picnic? Here are a few of our own tried and tested family favourites, which allow for everyone to add a little individuality to the same basic recipe.

15th Aug
The Garden Escape
Shelter from the Midday Sun
Garden Room by The Garden Escape

Oak before ash, in for a splash. Ash before oak, in for a soak. So goes the old wives’ tale and the fact that, this spring, our oaks burst into leaf many weeks before our ash would seem to add some weight to the theory. So far, this summer has been one of the hottest since records began a little over a century ago. June was lovely, July was the eighth warmest since 1910, and Met Office forecasts suggest August is going to be pretty nice too (albeit with a few more showers than we have been used to the last couple of months).

10th Aug
We are recruiting! Come and join our team.
TG Escapes

We are a small privately owned and growing timber-frame construction business based in Coventry. We design and build modular, eco- friendly buildings for both the public and private sector providing a fully inclusive installation service.

We are currently seeking a mature Warehouse Controller to oversee and immerse themselves in the the day to day warehouse operations and an Area Sales Manager for the South East region.  Applications by email to: Matt Gill

06th Aug
The Garden Escape

All this glorious weather has suited the butterflies perfectly. As the children, the dog and I have ambled and yomped through the sun dappled shade of woods, meandered along the river bank or lazed in wind tousled meadows we have been mesmerised by the sight of hosts of beautiful butterflies. It’s not for nothing that many of our finest poets have been inspired to write about these gorgeous creatures.