19th Sep
The Garden Escape
Work Life Week 22nd-26th September
Working families

The Working Families organisation is committed to supporting real life changes to help people better balance their work and family responsibilities, to which end they have been promoting National Work Life Week, in September, each year since 2010. The central aim of the organisation is to encourage a healthy society in which families are able to devote plenty of attention to both their work and home lives: working to live, not living to work.

17th Sep
The Learning Escape
Autumn is a great time for Outdoor Learning
Woodland Trust Nature Detectives

As autumn draws in, nature is busy readying itself for the cold winter months with many plants and animals putting on a fantastic final show. Squirrels and jays are frantically burying their winter stores of nuts and acorns; mini beasts are seeking shelter in leaf litter, whilst butterflies and ladybirds are beginning to search for warm spaces in which to hibernate. Leaves are starting to turn as the hours of sunlight wane; mushrooms abound and seed or fruit bearing plants are busily preparing for next spring. Sycamore helicopters, prickly beechnuts, conkers and acorns are to be found in abundance, as are rosehips, elder berries and blackberries. All are falling, flying or ripe for the picking and all offer a vast array of opportunities to teach your students about nature and the cycle of life, or for any number of creative and cooking activities.

13th Sep
The Learning Escape
Smart lighting control gives brilliantly lit classrooms without costing the planet
T5 Luminaires

Two issues lie at the very heart of The Learning Escape ethos: education and environmentalism. Those of you that know us, will understand how hard we strive to provide the very best teaching environments: a significant element of which is the quantity and quality of light introduced into our eco-classrooms. We are also passionate about preserving the environment for future generations of school children. So, it will come as no surprise, that we have taken great care in sourcing our lighting systems from a supplier that echoes our values.

11th Sep
The Garden Escape
Is a Granny Annexe the answer for The Sandwich Generation?
The sandwich generation

As last Sunday was National Grandparents Day, we thought we might reflect upon how, in our modern, busy lives, we can ensure that we get the very best out of our relationship with aging family members. For, as the wise old bird Eleanor Roosevelt once commented: “Beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art.”

As lifespans rise and people increasingly choose to bear children later in life, a new demographic phenomena has emerged. Baby boomers have become the “sandwich generation”, caring for both children and aging parents. For many, the dual burden can be overwhelming emotionally, logistically and financially. And the greater the distance between our homes and those of our elderly parents, the greater the strain.

05th Sep
The Commercial Escape
Rosendale Allotments
Rosendale Allotments by The Commercial Escape

Last year, The Commercial Escape were delighted to be appointed by the Rosendale Allotment Association to build a long awaited community building, following their very much deserved National Lottery grant award.